closed for commissions

price info €30 for 1 character example

high res, 1-2 characters, full body close-up, cell-shaded, simple bg, no wip, no written references

Please order your slot on my renewed commission form powered by google forms pre-order here

You can place a different (user)name + site (optional), if you don't have a furaffinty or weasyl specific account

* an invoice will be send after you filled in the form!
no response = no slot

**+5 for 18+, wings, taurs, props and/or complex outfits

please read my TOS for more details

examples of keywords cute, sexy, shy, excited, inflate, balloons, chubby, femboy, diaper, genderbend, bondage, cosplay

read my terms of service


status: I no longer accept new iron artist slots